Some Unique Ways to Store and Display Your Kids’ Books

Below are a few storage solutions for kids’ books from   at POPSUGAR MOMS.   To view all 15 ways to store and display your kids’ books, click the POPSUGAR MOMS link.  Thanks Rebecca for so many amazing ideas!


Reading Corner

In one corner of this cool playroom, a Land of Nod chair, Pier One pouf, and a hide rug found at Costco invite kids to curl up with a book. Ikea Expedit bookshelves hold standard paperback and hardcover books up high where they can’t be torn, while wall-mounted book racks keep sturdy board books at kid level.

Source: Adella & Co.


Ikea Spice Racks

It doesn’t take much to turn Ikea’s spice racks into a cute book display. Just screw the racks in on the wall, and fill with your tot’s favorite books.

Source: Ikea Hackers


Vintage Toys as Storage

Designer Nancy Twomey of Finnian’s Moon Interiors turned an antique wagon into a chic book display at the 2012 DC Design House.


Media Display Wall

Interior decorator Jan Eleni Lemonedes converted a playroom wall into a display area for books, photos, toys, and more. By adding narrow shelves to the length of the wall, she created the perfect space for lil one’s to review and grab books that interest them. The big floor pillows situated right under the shelves transform the corner into a snugly reading nook too.

Source: Jan Eleni Lemonedes


Color-Coded Bookshelf

Flickr user Craft & Creativity built this ceiling-to-floor display shelf out of pine board and painted it white. Sorting the books by color makes it stand out from more traditional bookshelves.

Source: Flickr User Craft & Creativity


House Bookshelf

Maiz Connolly, a portrait photographer in Los Angeles, created this beautiful home-like fixturefor her family’s picture books. Using plywood, they created space for both short and tall books, even making a tissue box holder out of the home’s chimney.


Koichiro Hoshino Casaurus

Design student Koichiro Hoshino’s project may be the ultimate playroom furniture for tots. TheCasaurus, a combination bookshelf, slide, and storage unit provides plenty of storage space for lil one’s books in addition to being a great plaything. Though the designer isn’t currently making or selling the unit, it can provide inspiration for mamas with an eye (and hand) for creativity!


Oeuf Mini Library

In the kid-friendly home owned by the founders of Oeuf, you’ll find at least one piece of Oeuffurniture in every room. One of our favorites, however, is the popular Mini Library ($678), which manages to look chic while being a workhorse, holding a ton of books, toys, and knickknacks.

Source: Stephanie Deleau on Project Nursery


Nursery Works Tree Bookcase

A bookshelf does not need to be a case-like structure. Take, for instance, Nursery Works’ Tree Bookcase ($850). Designed to inspire lil ones to read, the bookshelf is a cross between wall art and storage facility. Fill it with your tot’s favorite, or other tree-inspired works like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and The Giving Tree.


Cable Spool Book Table

The book lovers at Reading is Fashionable have step-by-step directions on how to build this bookmobile from an old cable spool. It takes a little of work, but the payoff is major!

Source: Reading is Fashionable


The Land of Nod Good Read Book Caddy

If your kids are the throw-and-go type, The Land of Nod’s Good Read Book Caddy ($149) is an easy book-storage option, allowing kids easy access to their books — and making it easy for them to reshelve when they’re done reading. Available in five colors to match any room.


DIY Book Ledges

This mod nursery’s book ledges, which display a selection of baby books and art created from framed vintage scarves, were built by the little inhabitant’s dad and grandpa.

Source: Project Nursery


The Land of Nod Local Branch Library Cart

If your kids (like mine) tend to drag their books all over the house, The Land of Nod’s Local Branch Library Cart ($199) is a necessary vehicle to get them back to the right room — or to look nicely stacked and organized in the wrong one.

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