Hi, I am the author, Cheryl Lewis Beverly, of the Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright collection of children’s stories finally posting to my blog. I have delayed doing this because I can’t just sit down and write so I didn’t. I had nothing to say. I am given a gift of work, delivered to me by my muse, and I simply put it down on paper as it is told to me. Writing down the Work keeps my head from reviewing, rehearsing and repeating relentlessly what I have been given. Last night I did not sleep as my spiritual muse yelled continuously into my ear with thoughts, stories and ideas. So today, to get some peace, I write.

I am retired but have worked as a counselor and as a school psychologist. Licensed, I have had private clients as well. So I have many experiences, cases and stories about the many children and parents that I have worked with. Never, however, did I consider writing about any of them. These stories, with the exception of two, are not about any particular child I have worked with and yet are about every child I have observed. Miss Sassy Frass Ann was the first story given to me as I walked my neighborhood for exercise.  It was over 22 years ago that her entire tale was whispered into my ear and when I did not acknowledge her it was repeated continuously in my wake and in my sleep until I wroe her down. She then allowed me to function without her nagging voice plaguing my peace. Two years later my first grandchild, my granddaughter, was born and Miss Sassy Frass Ann she was. I don’t know if it was her spirit speaking to me or mine forming hers but she was/is all that and a bag of chips. One of my favorite stories about her is the time we had a family reunion and one morning eight women were sitting together in the living room of one of the cabins we were renting and my four year old granddaughter appeared with her long hair standing straight up on her head in a wired knot. She announced to the eight adult women sitting there who she was going to bestow the honor of combing her upon. We all stopped talking; the room became very quiet as we looked at each other, and then we spontaneously broke out in laughter. The assigned honoree, the chosen one, however, stood up and walked over to my four year old granddaughter and took her place on the couch as required. She took upon the honorable task of combing the long wired knot that stood straight up on Miss Sassy Frass Ann’s small head.

The second story given to me has yet to be published. It was inspired by my grandson when he was about three years old and tolerantly living with Miss Sassy Frass Ann. You will have to wait to hear about SLOW GO SAM but he is coming soon. All of the other stories are fictional fairy tales based on the musings of my spiritual muse.

Thanks for letting me speak to you today. I look forward to next week which my muse has told me to tell you about my childhood memories and upbringing in Chicago.


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