All of the Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright bedtime stories, I must admit, are heavily influenced by my own childhood experiences growing up in Chicago. It was a time of closely knit neighborhoods, ethnic “ghettoes”, for all ethnic groups, Polish, Irish, Jewish, Italian, Black, Puerto Rican, and Chinese. The relationships with neighbors and storekeepers within your ghetto were as friends and neighbors.  Each community member knew of each other and cared for each other. The Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright series of stories, now totaling a dozen (12), portrays each child’s experience in a multiethnic environment but with the interracial environment utilizing the same community ethos of knowing and caring for each other. Then, it was safe to walk the streets alone, leave your bike outside the store where you bought milk, and it was expected that you speak to your teacher when you saw them at the drugstore.

I speak and write from what I know and remember as good times. All of the main characters in the Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright collection of bedtime stories are African American children interacting with every other ethnic group in their neighborhood and particularly in their school. Miss Nana’s children are also in many cases biracial. You will note familiar names as you read each story as all twelve of the children attend the same elementary school bringing their unique talents and quirks to the stories of each of them. I was an African American child in Chicago during my childhood years and so I write from what I know. The stories are a bit nostalgic, as presented, but the points made, resolutions achieved and problems explored are timeless.





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