As I revisit these old memories of my childhood and other friends’ childhoods, I feel a certain joy and peace about just how simple and safe our lives were. We had such freedom of movement within our small communities, with family and friends all living closely by. We knew of each other and followed each other’s successes and helped with each other’s challenges.

            One of our distant neighbors was a young boy we called Mummmmbling Michael. Everybody in our neighborhood knew of his difficulty with speaking or just being able to stand still while he tried to speak. Mummmmbling Michael was always moving, always dancing around, and always entertaining anyone watching.  And, everyone always watched without ever really meaning to watch.

One day we all heard that in school he sang a little song, and did so while dancing his little dance and that day became a star. Our community beamed with pride that day and every day thereafter. You might have heard of him. He is part of my childhood memories too.

            I can’t wait to introduce you to my neighborhood star, Mummmmbling Michael.


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