One of my characters is a current observation and not, like all of the others an actual childhood experience. Flashie Fannie is a homeless child which is something I do not remember ever seeing in my childhood. Children, their mother and siblings were always housed in a family home somewhere. If NO family was available they were housed in an institution of some sort but never were there children sleeping in doorways and begging for food on the streets of my community. Someone always took them in. If they lived with other children in an “adopted” home they were not related to they became a “play” sister or brother. The only homeless people we had, that I remember, were called “Bums” and they were always men unwilling to work and usually transients.

FLASHIE FANNIE is one of Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright’s most endearing children. She lives her life between the school she attends and the streets she roams. Flashie Fannie is basically a homeless child with the smarts of her education in the academic world and that of the streets. She is honorable, protective and feisty. But sometimes the street “aura” can interfere with her personable and charitable intentions. She is most comfortable alone in the streets with her dogs.

Meet Flashie Fannie, coming soon for your enjoyment.




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