My Ole Mr. Johns, my grand uncle, had so many stories that he told my cousin and me. One of our favorites was about the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California in the 1950’s. He spoke of the small pastel homes, pink, yellow, pale green and white that lined many of the streets with their green lawns and palm trees. He told us of the many fields of orange groves that went for miles that you could just walk up to and pull an orange from. He even told us that the sun always shined and it was always warm. The most beautiful sight, as he described, was the great blue Pacific Ocean. No one seemed to be poor, or cold or hungry in the city of Los Angeles, California or so we believed. It was a city of color, bounty and for us magic.

What would happen later in my life is still unreal as my dream our magic became real as all of our family moved, by 1975, to the beautiful city of Los Angeles. And it still was as he described.



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