Sorry to be posting so late but I had an immensely important and intensive job today. I babysat. If you have ever babysat with a five month old baby you know that you are On the Job the entire time. It was fun. It was challenging. IT WAS EXHAUSTING.
I am having the best time of my life as a grandmother and as a great -grandmother. Now I see, hear and taste every moment with my two babies as if I was given the gift of a new life. I have sensitivity to, clarity of, and an appreciation for my life that I’ve never had before. Accepting each of my babies as individual perfect spirits given from God I find that I am in awe of them. I truly have stopped to smell the roses and they are both sweet and miraculous.
(Yes, even the diapers)
Stop, no, really stop and look at the face of a young child as he/she smiles. Feel their surprise and joy as they explore their first step. RELAX and just wash off the dirt from a child’s face to know what fun they have had. Eagerly join them in their adventure of this life and you may well find again the joy in your own. I have.



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