The Gift of Reading


Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright (pronounced “Wish All Be Right”) invites you to visit the little yellow house situated between new condominium high rises and an old firehouse.  Her dear friend, Ole Mister Johns, lives there. He helps his great-grandson, Lil John, with a challenging homework assignment.  Lil John cannot decide what to write about.


In The Lessons of Ole Mister Johns, now available in print, Ole Mister Johns helps Lil John choose a topic for his homework project.

“You will write about Benjamin Banneker and help educate your classmates about a great man who is responsible for how the Capitol of the United States of America still looks today,”  Ole Mister Johns tells Lil John.   Ole Mister Johns was a “student of architecture at his trade school many years ago.”

During his weekend visits, Lil John discovers the meanings of respect, honesty, trust and love from the everyday experiences with his great-grandfather.   Order your copy of The Lessons of Ole Mister Johns, print edition, today.  Click -> here.  Give the gift of reading!








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