Meet Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright

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Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright introduces us to the children in her series of bedtime stories. There’s Bullying Boy, Winall Wendell and Miss Sassy Frass Ann. They are three of the children in the series of children’s books. Get a copy of each here –>

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Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright Presents

Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright is pronounced “wish all be right.”



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A Few Words From The Author


These last few weeks I have tried to paint the background environment for the endearing stories of Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright. I have used my own history and childhood environment to guide my brush. The children that have been introduced are children I knew growing up or have worked with as a counselor. I have found humor in all of their behaviors and antics. To know and understand the next story BULLYING BOY I felt you needed to know some of the characters that he interacts with in his daily school experiences so I have presented them first. All of Miss Nana’s Wyshall B. Wright’s children attend the same school and live cozily in the same neighborhood, as I did growing up.

Bullying Boy is a large child who never learned to wait his turn or to share. He speaks very little as he has found that pushing people around gets him what he wants, until one day he bothers the wrong people. A surprising ending is in store for BULLYING BOY.

His was my first kiss in elementary school.

bullyiong boy


The next bedtime story from the Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright series of bedtime tales is Bullying Boy.  Publisher, Second Wind Creations, need your help to choose a cover and title page for Bullying Boy.  From the picture below, pick two, one for the cover and the other one for the title page.  Let us know with a comment and we’ll send you a FREE preview.

Bullying Boy is good at pushing others around to get what he wants.  He is taken down by the least likely of his peers in an embarrassing way.  As told by Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright, to avoid further humiliation, Bullying Boy gives up his unruly ways.